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Wine Tour


Whether you come to Serbia from the south or north, from east or west, you should know that you are welcome to this noble region. Serbia is the capital of untouched nature, healthy food – fruit and vegetables, but also the cradle of vine and wine, grape growing and winemaking. Vine tightly intertwines its life with the lives of people in this region, for centuries sharing with them both joy and sorrow. Wine is the fate of honest and hardworking people who grow immense love towards wine and grapes.

Sunshine and gentle vineyards of Serbia, grape farms of thousands of years, tell a long and honorable history. Grapes and wine have always given refreshment and ensured health. They were a source of strength to a farmer and a warrior, as well as the reason for their joy, fun and entertainment. And so this noble drink paired with life forever. Pleasure and enjoyment in good company and the appropriate wine will only be complete if we find out something about the background, geographic origin, characteristics, and various other details that have influenced the creation of this divine drink in Serbia.

Quality of the wines of Serbia rests, among other things, on a large number of small producers. Understandably, their wine production is not so large and the sales are done in a limited number of places, but the emphasis is on quality. Since the produced quantity does not require special advertising, the potential buyer is often forced to explore a little bit in order to find them. The easiest way to reach them, and also a very pleasant one, is to follow the wine routes we suggest, which are clearly marked on the tourist map of wines and vineyards of Serbia.

Each wine region has at least one wine route, which follows local roads to the place where wine can be tasted and bought. Such places are usually small farms surrounded by vineyards. Wine tourists are always welcome and well received here. Of course, the wines you will be able to try are properly chilled, and there is often a plate with bread, cheese and smoked meat, or other specialties prepared in the traditional manner from local products. You will surely not make a mistake if you choose a local wine with the local or regional Serbian specialty, because it is certain that the wine and food have found a common language over the time.

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