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Rural Tourism


Village Adventure is a specialized tour operator that offers true rest in the pure nature with emphasis on the rest in villages, which is becoming the dominating tendency all over the world.

You may ask why do we assert that village holidays are taking over primacy at the expense of the coastline ones. The answer is in the new question - why do people become tourists?

Why they leave their residences and spend time and money traveling long distances? It is simply - we are beings who need natural conditions in order to maintain our lives in the best possible way. But we all know that the way of life in towns is unfortunately quite different. It is only nature that instead of endlessly watching huge skyscrapers, crowds of other people and processions of motor vehicles, people would like to be surrounded by high mountains, trees and domestic animals from time to time.

Wouldn't it be nice to breathe fresh air instead of the smog, stroll or ride bike through a beautiful landscape, eat homemade food instead of fast food, or plant fruits and vegetables, mow grass and destil brandy instead of watching TV entire day? No wonder that the necessity of resting in a pleasant environment is as important as the air, water, food, clothes and habitation.

And it will remain so, at least as long as people continue to live in towns the way they do.


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