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Where and when did idea about rural tourism begin? It was back in 1986, I had been recently unemployed by JAT (the Yugoslav State Airline), and sitting at my desk in the office planning what to do next. I happened to read a short article in the newspaper about a German family that had spent their holiday in a Serbian village. They had said that it was a unique experience and that they had enjoyed it so much that they would return the following year. At once I suggested to my employer that we should start such a program, it was a brand new tourist resource. From that moment until the end of 2001 I have worked to convince the tourism ministry and others of our enormous potential for tourism. Using my previous experience in the travel industry I began working with several villages, putting together "rural tourism" packages, and using the Internet to publicly promote our product. The feedback I received was very positive. The clients greatly enjoyed their vacations. EUREKA!!! I have started.

My way was very difficult because I have not find any understanding. First step was to suggest to my manager that we, AIR LIFT, estublishemented to find air transportation passangers through the tourism, when the planes be with lot of empty seats, should start this kind of job. He refused it. The second manager accepted this idea and we have made one brochure with our programs including the VILLAGE TOURISM. But, it was 1990, the time before disintegration of former SFRJ. Nobody wanted to come in the country where the future war was reality. However, I haven't abandoned that idea and I have written to many of our politicians, journalists, and scientists... with the suggestion that we should start working on providing the adequate conditions for VILLAGE TOURISM. A lot of them have put their heads in the sand and three former ministers of the tourism have written to me and accepted this idea, but just on the paper.

After the war and democratic changes in Serbia people were more occupied thinking how to improve their economic positions than investing in a risky enterprise. The last minister of tourism replied to me that he agreed that VILLAGE TOURISM is our future, but the government hasn't done much about it so far. Today Serbia have not minister of tourism!?

Therefore, I have decided to start out a travel agency, with the primary goal of promoting and affirming the idea of VILLAGE TOURISM. Bearing in mind the economic situation in Serbia in the last twenty years I would not decide this without possibilities offered by Internet. I have done many different jobs and skills on my own in order to prepare the presentation, which is ahead of you - all from the idea to the final product. In this place I must to mention two of my friends I met during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. One is Mr. Green from the USA and the other is Philip - Pip from Finland, use to work in Japan as the English language teacher. Both have helped me correcting my not very good English. They have also helped me find the strength to realize what I believe is one very good idea. Many thanks to those wonderful people.

So far we have a lot of indications to believe there is a great future ahead of the development of VILLAGE TOURISM in Serbia.

As for now, VILLAGE ADVENTURE consists of myself - Branislav Bajagic, my  two sons - Danilo and Vukasin and assistant Ljiljana Stevanovic. Such team of two highly educated and specialized professionals accompanied enthusiastic young men, also high educated, guarantees that those who decide to spend their holiday in Serbia will have the best possible partners.

Come and join us, let us cooperate together!
Branislav Bajagic


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